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August Tastings #1. Penderyn-Madeira

Intro: My first taste of a Welsh Single Malt, but I did not get the 'fancy' bottle in this USA import version. This distillery started in 2004 and is gaining more respect as time moves along. Some more Welsh distilleriers are in their 'gin phase', with some whisky in maturation.

Nose: Subtle...notes of fresh grass, sweet hints of tropical fruit. Not a lot going on, to be honest.

Palete: Laid back...some fruit salad, mostly pear and melon and a hint of banana (?). A mild dry cereal background. A sharp warmth kicks in after a few seconds, but begins to fade before it becomes unpleasant.

Finish: Very short, with a dry wine feel. (Is this the madeira ?)

Overall: A pleasant, clean, easy going young whisky (no age statement, but I am guessing no more than 10 years) that grows on you with each dram. Another 5-10 years in the barrel could produce a real winner.

Score: B+. (Your results may be different)

Next up...something from New Zealand.

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