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Need more Wheaties?

Reservoir Wheat Whiskey

Reservoir is in the Scott’s Addition area of Richmond, Virginia and has been making whiskey since 2008. Under the guidance of owners Dave Cuttino and Jay Carpenter the distillery has a very independent spirit.

Reservoir Wheat Whiskey is one of three ‘single grain’ whiskey’s that are the core of their original product range. The other two are corn (labelled ‘bourbon’) and rye. The unorthodox maturation is done in heavily charred, quarter sized barrels for a minimum of two years. The process increases wood/spirit contact and seems (to me at least) to promote strong and distinctive flavor profiles, but the shorter time does result in less overall ‘mellowing’ of the spirit.

Mash bill: 100% Wheat.

Batch: Batch 8. 2020. Half Bottle #326.

ABV = 50%.

Matured: No age statement but a minimum of 2+ years.

Cost: $36 / 375ml bottle.

Color: Chestnut 1.2 (Whisky Magazine scale).

Swirl: Thin rim with a lot of fine ‘legs’ flowing quickly down the glass. Some puckering.

Nose: Light clean aroma, quite sweet and bourbon like. Laid back with caramel notes and some chocolate. No prickle at all. Slight nuttiness. Nothing hot or spicy. Very pleasant and easy going.

Taste: Medium viscosity, cereal forward with good balance. Not as sweet as the aroma might have indicated. Some caramel and toffee at first but with emerging hints of dry smoke as if from a nearby wood fire. Overall very smooth, as the warmth develops slowly and peaks without any burn.

Finish: Medium length. Caramel fades as it becomes drier and a little astringent with some savory notes as it wraps up.

Verdict: Straightforward and easygoing. A comforting, late summer afternoon drink, perhaps on a little ice.

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